Figos national company dedicated to tailoring and custom footwear, proposes elegant and avant-garde styles for today's man with sustainable products and artisanal processes.

We live in times of change worldwide. The serious environmental problem suffered by our planet has been installed on the public agenda, where water scarcity and climate change have generated important changes in the population, including the way in which the products to be consumed are perceived and chosen. < / p>

Millennials come with the awareness of the importance of caring for the environment and by default when buying, they prefer products that will have a lower environmental impact. for for “The influence of the mobilizations and campaigns in favor of the care of the planet begins to be reflected in the buying behavior. Therefore, it is essential to project the change in shopper preferences, to anticipate their needs in mass consumer products. It is no longer just the product itself and the benefit it provides or the need it satisfies, but how it is presented and how it affects the planet ”
for Our main mission is the satisfaction of each client, combining unique characteristics of comfort, appearance, style, tradition, exclusivity and sustainability, delivering passion and quality for what we do to each product with artisanal processes.

The artisan process is the oldest way of producing products for daily use and for marketing. The artisan process requires manual skills that are transmitted from generation to generation, refining techniques and creating what we know as trades.

Luis Novoa Creative Director, Production Manager Fashion Designer

Ruben Ignacio Cori Tailoring and clothing

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