Sustainable Product

Sustainable Product

Sustainable Leathers

Vegetable tanned leathers are today the center of a significant phenomenon of rediscovery by consumers, interested in products capable of combining excellent quality standards, with characteristics such as the total naturalness of raw materials and manufacturing processes .

The 100% vegetable tanning process is the one that is carried out in the most natural and respectful way. One of the main characteristics of vegetable tanned leather is that its pores remain open, causing the passage of time to create a precious personal patina on it.

Thanks to this respectful process, the leather achieves extraordinary qualities unthinkable in chrome tanning. The process of our vegetable tanning leather is carried out in a traditional and purely artisan way.

It is an incredible process, based on the use of natural tannins, modern technologies and machines.

Among the different tanning methods, vegetable is the most traditional and recognized classic, unique in providing unique characteristics of comfort, appearance, style, tradition, exclusivity and versatility.

We use different natural tannins that come from some plants such as Acacia or Quebracho, woods such as oak and chestnut, we use them in the form of barks, branches, leaves.

It is also a leather with very limited risks of allergies or other contraindications to the health of the consumer and with reduced environmental impact since it is made with almost zero use of chemical substances

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